Below are answers to popular food waste disposer and steaming hot water tap questions. For further assistance, please click here

Does a disposer require maintenance?

No. The food waste disposer is designed to be maintenance-free. Regular usage is the best way to keep your disposer in good condition. A moderate stream of cold water following each use will keep your disposer clean.

How much does it cost to operate?

The cost for operating any disposer is relatively low. Because InSinkErator disposers grind faster, they use less electricity. Operating a .55 HP disposer for one month consumes power equal to a 100 watt light bulb on for an hour. Disposers use very little water, but the fast-grinding of an InSinkErator food waster disposer keeps water consumption to the absolute minimum — on average a .04% increase in water consumption.

How long does it take to grind food waste?

Only a few seconds, although it depends on the quantity and type of waste. The sound of the disposer will change, when there is no longer any food waste in the grind chamber and the impellers spin freely. After all food waste is ground, turn off the disposer and let the water run for about 15 seconds to flush the waste out of the grind chamber and out to the water drainage/sewer pipes.

What if waste is left in the disposer?

Put in some bi-carbonate of soda (baking soda) to freshen it up. For extra freshness, try grinding a lemon or citrus fruit for a few seconds without water. Do not put bleach into the disposer.

The disposer has stopped working and there seems to be no power.

It is likely that the overload protector has been activated to protect the motor from stress. With the power switched OFF, check inside the disposer and remove anything that may have fallen inside, such as a metal utensil etc. Then press the reset button on the base of the disposer. Simply pressing the button back in will re-engage the motor. If there is still no power, check the  plug connection. Most customers, who have this kind of problem, have never heard of or used the overload protector.

The motor is quietly "humming" but the horizontal plate is not turning.

Something is preventing the shredder plate from turning. Every unit is supplied with a wrenchette (a simple Allen spanner). Inserting and rocking this spanner back and forth will generally release any jam. Turn the power off and insert the key into the socket under the base of the disposer. Turn the key backwards and forwards until you can rotate the  key a full 360°. Remove the spanner and press the red reset button.

The motor is working and the horizontal plate is turning, but the food does not seem to be going away.

Turn the power off and check inside the disposer. Make sure that the two metal impellers on the shredder plate can rotate through 360°. If they are stuck, try tapping the impellers with a wooden tool or utensil to allow them to swivel freely.

Do I need a special sink or even a new sink or kitchen?

No. A disposer will fit a single bowl or half bowl, stainless steel or other material. The standard 3.5 inches (90mm) sink opening is ideal and the disposer comes with an attachment for that size. However, accessory flanges are available for most non-standard holes/sinks. Remodelling the kitchen is an ideal time to think about the importance of convenience and hygiene and how to eliminate the problems of food waste. It also means that a professional might be on hand to do the installation. A disposer can also be installed into an existing sink/kitchen.

What if I have a septic tank?

Having a septic system does not represent an obstacle. Septic systems already require a certain amount of food-derived substances to accelerate the various biological reactions. A normal 1800-litre septic tank is perfectly adequate.

How noisy are food waste disposers?

Surprisingly quiet…a lot quieter than many imagine. InSinkErator motors are particularly quiet and certain models have even greater quietness features.

If it breaks down, can I still use my sink?

Breakdowns are rare but if your disposer did fail to work, you could still use your sink in the normal way. Water will easily flow through the holes in the shredder plate and down the drain, even if the disposer has been deactivated.

Are they easy to install?

Each unit comes with detailed instructions, the sink mounting assembly and a connection to the kitchen waste pipe. No special tools are required. If in doubt, have a professional perform the installation. An InSinkErator Service Agent would generally be delighted to install one.

Is the food waste disposer compatible with the sewer system in my city?

All sewer systems are designed to handle waterborne waste from the home. Ground food waste is over 70% water and is similar in chemical composition to other black water, which can be easily transported through any existing sewer system.

What if I can't solve my own problem?

Call. InSinkErator We have a UK network of service agencies, which are listed in the Service Agency list that comes with every InSinkErator disposer. Call 0800 389 3715.

How is my steaming hot water tap plumbed in?

Easily. InSinkErator steaming hot water taps connect to mains cold water. You can carry out the work yourself, or use a plumber if you prefer. See installation guide.

What power supply does my instant hot water tap require?

Your hot water tap requires a 13 amp fused socket.

Do I need a brand new sink if I buy a steaming hot water tap?

No. Your hot water tap can be installed into your existing sink.

Will my steaming hot water tap meet my hot water needs?

Yes – easily. An InSinkErator hot water tap can provide up to 100 cups of 98ºC water every hour.

How often will I need to change the filter?

Based on average family usage, you can expect to change the filter on your InSinkErator steaming hot water tap twice a year.

Is there an InSinkErator steaming hot water tap model with a safety device that prevents accidental operation?

Yes, absolutely. The InSinkErator 3300 series steaming hot water taps feature a safety lever/lock mechanism.

Is there a minimum water pressure requirement to allow the installation of an instant hot water tap?

Yes, a minimum of 1.7 bar water pressure is required.

What temperature is the water dispensed at?

The maximum temperature of the water is 98ºC, perfect for hot drinks and a host of kitchen tasks.

What size is the hot water tank and where is it located?

All InSinkErator steaming hot water taps use the space saving 2.5 litre tank which sits neatly under most sinks.

Can I install an InSinkErator steaming hot water tap myself?

Given access to an electricity point and basic plumbing skills, an InSinkErator steaming hot water tap can be easily installed. However it is likely to need professional installation if the worktop is stone, granite, Corian etc. See installation guide.

Is regular maintenance required?

No, no servicing is necessary.