Britain’s worst recyclers uncovered!

LONDONERS are the least environmentally friendly people in the UK, a national study has revealed.

The worst recyclers belong to the capital, with residents in the London boroughs generating the most household waste, and also recycling less frequently than the rest of Britain according to a survey conducted by waste disposal manufacturer, InSinkErator.

The national survey of 3,000 Brits revealed that older generations are the most concerned with environmental matters, with the over 60’s recycling the most, and disposing of the least amount of bin bags per week. According to the survey, pensioners living in the North East of England are the most environmentally friendly British people.

Perhaps most worryingly, the student segment of respondents admitted that they were unconcerned about the effect of landfill sites; 48% of male students reported that they were not worried about their impact upon the environment. Additionally, 79% of male and female students regularly throw away rubbish in to the general waste bin that they know could be recycled instead.

Interestingly, the survey found that people with red hair dispose of the highest number of bin bags per week (seven or more), and that females in Wales (53%) are most likely to own a food disposal unit.

Ashley Munden, from InSinkErator UK comments: “Its really interesting to be able to pinpoint the specific groups in the UK who are the most environmentally conscious, and also those at the other end of the scale, who could benefit from some education.

“I think on the whole, people are more aware of the need to manage their household waste, but are not actively changing their habits. There clearly still is work to be done to assist people with making the best choices for the environment.”